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Letter: Is Jacobs campaigning for President Trump?

Chris Jacobs recent political TV ad is confusing and disturbing on variety of fronts. It is a national advertisement for his Trump endorsement and is missing a focus on the issues of the residents in NY-27.

Initially Jacobs seemed to distance himself from President Trump. I’ve always considered him an independent thinking politician which I liked. Prior to this very negative political ad Chris Jacobs reminded me of Republicans like Jack Kemp and Jack Quinn who I thought were the best of Western New York politicians. Now Jacobs sounds like he is on a Trump re-election campaign.

Securing our southern border, draining the swamp, sanctuary cities that hide undocumented immigrants all mentioned in the ad do not reflect NY-27 concerns. Nate McMurray will fight for our families and community, health care, Social Security and whatever he can do to help in NY-27. So, we need to ask the question: Will Jacobs if elected be heading to Washington to represent his constituency in NY-27 or will he be campaigning for Trump’s re-election?

Linda Ulrich-Hagner

East Aurora

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