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Letter: Groundswell counsel recalls McCarthy era

It has been reported that an organization called Groundswell, led by Ginni Thomas, who is married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has provided detailed memos to the White House recommending the identification and removal of so-called “Never Trumpers” from the administration. Now the recently appointed director of the Presidential Personnel Office, Johnny McEntee, is on it, as is his new assistant, James Bacon.

Readers may recall that McEntee was relieved of a previous position in the White House because of a security issue, namely his gambling problems. Readers may know that Bacon, 23, is a college senior. Apparently, though, loyalty to Trump and zeal at ferreting out enemies, real or imagined, are primary qualifications.

Those who have taken a course in American history … back when history was thought important … may recall a speech given in the 1950s by Sen. Joseph McCarthy, wherein he claimed to be holding in his hand, a list (which he never shared) of Communists within the State Department. We know how that turned out.

We’ve been here before, and here we are again. Of this initiative, the president has said that he sees no problem in finding and removing those who are disloyal to the country. The problem is that he sees no difference between loyalty to the country and loyalty to himself. When the purge is done, the president will hear only that advice and counsel that he wants to hear. And then we’re in trouble.

Ron Scott


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