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Letter: Greedy hoarders put our seniors in peril

Our world has most certainly turned a corner and everyone is caught unaware of where COVID-19 has the potential of going and the vast parameters it will travel.

There is a population of people that felt it was their right to deplete store inventories of toilet paper, Lysol spray, wipes, hand sanitizers, etc. Tell me, you selfish, greedy people, what gives you that right?

If I was the owner of Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, etc., I would post a notice, indicating that retroactive to Feb. 1, regardless if you have a store receipt, there will be no refunds or store credit issued.

In these difficult times, do we want our senior citizens, with the highest vulnerability to this virus, to have to travel to multiple stores, probably pay a premium at the smaller supermarkets, thus taking another hit on their limited income because of the selfish greed of some? Stop this nonsense.

Judy Darlak

North Tonawanda

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