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Letter: Fantasy Island provided lighthearted moments

While reading about Fantasy Island closing, it brought to mind several funny stories. When the park first opened, my husband ran the stagecoach concession. We had recently moved to a home in North Buffalo and were new to the neighborhood.

One morning two bright red stagecoaches were delivered on our front lawn, which is a strange sight in any neighborhood. My husband had to then find and hire a farmer-wagon driver to get these two monstrosities over the Grand Island Bridge. What a sight that was!

That was the first incident; the second was when my husband came home from the park one evening very depressed. Folks would get on the stagecoach ride with their children and of course, there had to be a hold-up/robbery to make it more exciting and authentic.

One day one of the employees did not show up so hubby had to be the bandit. With a realistic looking fake gun, he stopped the coach and asked everyone for their money. One smart aleck kid said, “You don’t scare me Fatso.” While this was hilarious as an afterthought, my husband’s ego was bruised to say the least. Great memories.

Betty Levin


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