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Letter: Constant malaigning of Trump is unbecoming

So to many, President Trump has blown it again regarding his response to the coronavirus. To some he was too slow to react, not sympathetic enough, or probably just plain too Republican.

I’m unsure what former President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders would have done differently but it doesn’t matter. Trump is in office so no matter what, he is to blame. Political partisanship and gamesmanship rather than support of the country and president is the game nowadays. Hopefully, when coronavirus becomes a non-issue and just a memory, what nightmare will come next leading up to the elections? The plague?

I had read many books about Trump long before he became president or even before he became a television star. I came away not caring for the man very much. But man, try to be fair and reasonable about him. Washington is a swamp and Trump is an outsider! When I observe media sources bash him over and over again year after year without ever giving him an ounce of credit for anything, that’s a “tell” on the news source to me.

Also, social media comments are an entirely different issue all together. Especially the naïve “expert” commentators who bought into the bogus Russian interference comments three years ago and claim Russian interference. Manipulation at the voting booth or the dead continuing to vote is the real interference that concerns me.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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