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Letter: Communism, socialism warrants explanation

I have never understood why so many educated people have long been enamored by communism and socialism. Unlike democracies and republics, they, along with fascism are top-down governments which by their very nature require a top to make decisions – and the top, no matter what you call him – is necessarily a dictator.

Calling for a social democracy, because it implies a democracy whose emphasis is improving the human condition and is compatible with responsible capitalism is reasonable, but Democratic-Socialism espoused by Bernie Sanders is really an oxymoron. Even he can’t explain it because essentially, it’s fascism – control of industries as opposed to owning them. All dictatorships are obviously more efficient because there’s no need for things like unions, opposing political parties or the actual will of the people but try finding a one that was not oppressive.

Communism and socialism are in a way similar to experiments that work well in labs and computer trials but fail when actually tried because of the difficulty in including all the conditions of real life. In science, it’s usually something physical but with social studies, it’s the diversity of human nature.

Socialism may work with small homogenized societies like a Benedictine monastery but have never succeeded with a large population. Its failure can, in a way, be explained by my experience with a visitor from a Soviet ruled country many years ago. He was visiting for a month but when the month was over, he asked his host if he could stay for another month. When asked if he wouldn’t be missed at work, he replied, “Nobody cares.” If there is no reward for working harder or even going to school, the result explains the Yugo.

Dominic Verso


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