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Letter: Collins should consider serving time at Mar-a-Lago

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has yet to determine where to place disgraced Congressman Chris Collins.

I believe I’ve determined the perfect spot: The Mar-a-Lago Resort in Palm Beach. It is an island, a number of which have been useful prisons for high-profile convicts over the centuries (think Napoleon). It is also quite palatial; former palaces such as The Bastille proved to be most effective in their second careers. As “country club prisons” are the typical destinations for white-collar criminals, Mar-a-Lago also has that in its favor, and it undoubtedly has top-notch security arrangements.

The only drawback is that it is currently owned by our sitting president, who acquired it for about $10 million in 1985. This is slightly less than the cost of three Trump outings to his “Southern White House.” The cost of Trump security arrangements at his many properties is impossible to determine (as are the profits from the many business interests he maintains in defiance of the Constitution’s emoluments clause). Trump shamelessly gouges the Secret Service and other federal offices when they are required to use his facilities. Taxpayer acquisition of Mar-a-Lago would amount to but a minor recompense for his criminal enterprises, but it would be a start.

Mar-a-Lago’s 126 choice rooms could incarcerate a substantial number of Trump cronies, starting with Chris Collins, and of course Trump. To reduce costs, the air conditioning should be turned off.

Les Buhite


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