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Letter: Trump keeps his word on making America great

There’s a guy, a public figure who got into politics recently, whose appeal for me is based on his enemies.

I mean that when the insiders of both parties, globalists and Marxists are united in hating this fellow, they seem unaware of the “vote Trump” signs hanging from their backs.

The fury of elitists, superior egalitarians, deconstructionists, redistributionists, coercive utopians, dogmatic agnostics, liberals, neo-liberals, poverty professionals, population controllers, international wheeler-dealers and finger pointers of all sorts, grows as Trump keeps keeping his word, and delivering the goods.

While news of industry returning, energy supply increasing and other accomplishments may not reach everyone, Trump’s rallies get bigger anyway.

As long as Trump seems to sit up late thinking of ways to put a smile on my chubby little cheeks, I’ll be on board, hoping the power of the one-party system that exempted our city and state from one economic recovery after another, fades.

Dan Hoffman


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