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Letter: America will reflect upon the errors of these times

In the year 2030, as we look back to the politically disruptive years of the Trump presidency, we see many caveats.

A television show host, known for his brutal “You’re fired!” rants, was elected to the country’s highest office because of his anti-politician appearance.

Although his baggage included a recording of his boasting about sexually groping women, cheating contractors and scamming business practices, he would rise to godlike status among many Republican and Conservative religious leaders. He did this by championing the building of an expensive, massive wall to keep out immigrants, whom he said were ruining the country.

A booming economy, largely created by the previous administration of Barack Obama, helped him push his misdeeds. His hatred of Obama policies, including his helpful health care act, was well known. Donald Trump’s core supporters, which approached one-third of the country, loved the petty, malicious names he called his Democratic opponents.

To be certain, many of his colleagues became embroiled in crime schemes and conspiracy theories which also led to their downfall. This too was a stain on the Electoral College, which had elected him even though he lost the people’s vote by millions. Reputable news outlets were labeled as “fake” if they challenged this president. Trump’s slogan was “Make America Great Again”; results were just the opposite.

Eventually Trump was impeached but saved from removal by fearful senators of his party, cognizant of the damage he could do to them.

His downfall did however remind Americans that someone wrapping themselves in a flag, claiming to be “smarter than his generals,” might turn out to be an embarrassment.

To summarize, class, let’s talk about the progressive changes that helped the United States return to greatness in the later years of that decade.

David Spencer


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