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Ron Plants is back on the air on WGRZ

Alan Pergament

I’m sure many of his fans were extremely happy to see WGRZ-TV reporter Ron Plants on the air three times over the last five days.

The popular Plants had been off the air for several months before he returned to work part time in December on off-air assignments.

He did his first on-the-air report March 13, when he did a story on a Buffalo laboratory that processes virus samples.

“It is so great to have Ron Plants back on the air,” Channel 2 anchor Scott Levin said after Plants’ story ended.

He also was back on the air Monday with a report on a company with an office on Grand Island that is seeking federal approval for a device that could speed up testing for the coronavirus. Plants sounded great and did a standup report at the end of the story.

He also did an on-air report on Tuesday.

Ron Plants is back at WGRZ-TV

During his absence as the station’s weekend anchor for an undisclosed reason, his fans frequently wrote to ask where he had been.

Claudine Ewing took over as weekend anchor in early February.

At the time she was announced in that role, Plants released a statement in which he described her as a friend for 20 years.

“I can’t think of anybody better to take this position,” he wrote.


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