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Letter: Vindman’s character is without question

I am writing in response to the letter attacking Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. If the lieutenant colonel did not follow the chain of command could it have been because President Trump’s “perfect” phone call wasn’t so perfect?

Trump trying to blackmail an ally for dirt on a potential future political opponent had to be brought to the House for investigation, especially some high-ranking officials were looking to bury the call.

Vindman didn’t run to the Capitol, he was subpoenaed. He honored the subpoena unlike Trump’s minions who hid behind the courts. As for Vindman being a Barack Obama holdover, he was not. Vindman was assigned to the National Security Council in 2018 for a two-year term.

Last time I checked Trump was the president in 2018. Who is spreading “fake news” now?

The way Vindman was marched out of the White House like some white-collar criminal was unacceptable.

This highly decorated officer was fired by his cowardly boss. Cowardly you ask? Yes I answer, five deferments during the Vietnam War and too scared to fire anyone face-to-face including Vindman.

Lastly, Vindman was loyal to his country by testifying about Trump’s blackmail scheme. Vindman swore an oath to protect the Constitution not the president and his corruption.

Matt Whelan

West Seneca

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