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Letter: Dynamic staffing is a scam paid for by taxpaying citizens

Dynamic staffing is a scam paid for by taxpaying citizens

Dynamic staffing is a title and a scam that is being used by the fire commissioner to cheat and put average citizens in harm’s way. And the illustrious mayor sits in city hall with no clue or doesn’t care.

Under the mayor’s tenure a quarter of the city’s fire companies have been closed for financial reasons. Yet the present fire commissioner continues to close a fire house randomly almost every day for a 24-hour period.

The most common companies closed seem to be Engine 37 and Engine 21, two of the busiest companies in the city. Another favorite is Engine 25 on south side in South Buffalo. That leaves one truck and one pumper to cover all of South Buffalo. The next in pumpers are on Clinton and Seneca street in the ward. If you live on McKinley try holding your breath for either of those pumpers to arrive if your house is on fire.

How would you like to be the new residential owner on McKinley Parkway that just paid over $180,000, with a tax bill similar to Orchard Park residents and you have one fire company pumper within two miles of your $180,000 investment.

Dynamic staffing is a random scam with no statistics and a commissioner that has no clue. Their only reasoning is the bottom line also referred to as a few dollars more.

To the citizens of Buffalo: sleep with one eye open, because dynamic staffing is a scam with no credibility. At tax time citizens in these districts should be demanding a tax rebate for every time their fire house is closed. And not if, but when a citizen loses his property or life because of this scam immediately call a lawyer and sue the City of Buffalo and the brain surgeon behind this dangerous endeavor.

Dynamic staffing has nothing to do with fire protection and everything to do with the almighty dollar. Tick, tick, tick for a few dollars more.

Phil Ryan


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