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Letter: Article 10 process is unfair to citizens it should serve

“Your input is invaluable to our mission to create a government that works for its people.” That’s the statement that you receive after you send an email to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It sounds good if only it were true. But for the town of Cambria it’s just a pipe dream.

Our town and local officials have been trying to stop a 900-acre industrial solar project from becoming a reality on our agricultural-zoned land. Despite the fact that we have shovel ready acreage available in our zoned industrial area.

The Article 10 process hasn’t been working for us given the fact that no local representative has been added to the seven-person siting board. Five people who are on the board work for the governor and his agenda. Where is the equity in five Cuomo votes verses two local votes?

But anyway … now he wants to streamline even that process. Article 10 will be replaced with a new renewable energy office to speed up the approval process and remove the town’s input. No local control. This is a problem all across our state and should be of concern to all. This doesn’t sound like a government that works for its people. It’s more like a government that walks over its people.

Donna Heiser


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