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Mike Harrington's NHL Power Rankings

Through Wednesday's suspension of play. Last week's rankings in parentheses.

1. Boston Bruins.  If season is canceled or moved right to playoffs, they would be the only 100-point team. (1)

2. St. Louis Blues.  A waiting game to see if they have a chance to defend their Cup. (2)

3. Tampa Bay Lightning.  Outshot, 16-1, to start Tuesday's loss in Toronto.  (3)

4. Philadelphia Flyers.  Blanking by Bruins snapped nine-game winning streak. (4)

5. Colorado Avalanche. Season stopped just as they lost MacKinnon. (5)

6. Washington Capitals.  Tried hard to beat Sabres by playing 20 minutes. Almost did. (6)

7. Vegas Golden Knights. Lehner's three games: 3-0, 1.67/.940. (8)

8. Pittsburgh Penguins. Just 3-7 in last 10 -- beating only Sabres, Sens and Devils.  (7)

9. Edmonton Oilers.  Draisaitl at 43-67-110, McDavid at 34-63-97. (10)

10. Carolina Hurricanes.  At this point, the world would love to watch a Storm Surge routine. (19)

11. Columbus Blue Jackets. Were poised to host first game without fans until Gobert diagnosis rocked the nation. (12)

12. Toronto Maple Leafs.  Return of Rielly makes a huge difference on defense. (13)

13. Winnipeg Jets. At least Sabres' Krueger got to coach in birthplace before play stopped. (17)

14. Calgary Flames.  Join Jackets as only current playoff teams with negative goal differentials. (11)

15. Dallas Stars. Fell into 0-5-1 hole, with just nine goals in the six games. (9)

16. New York Islanders.  Careened out of playoff slot with seven-game skid. (14)

17. New York Rangers.  Super story being just two points out when no one thought they'd be in the hunt. (15)

18. Vancouver Canucks.  Hughes leads rookies with 45 assists and 53 points. (16)

19. Minnesota Wild.   On 7-3 run to pull within one point of a playoff spots. (18)

20. Florida Panthers. Bobrovsky with best save of the season by donating $100,000 to pay arena workers during suspension. (20)

21. Nashville Predators.  Three straight wins after 8-3 crushing by Oilers. (21)

22. Arizona Coyotes.  Have felt like the odd team out in West for a couple weeks. (22)

23. Chicago Blackhawks.  Kane at the break: 33-51-84. (24)

24. Montreal Canadiens.  Sabres got to the city, never made it to the rink. (23)

25. New Jersey Devils.  Breakthrough season for Blackwood in the net. (25)

26. Buffalo Sabres. Were slated to home open-and-home Sunday with Hurricanes -- looking to break 0-6-4 drought. (26)

27. Anaheim Ducks. Miller up to 387 career wins.  (27)

28. Los Angeles Kings.  Didn't want a break: Seven straight wins, Iafallo up to 17 goals. (29)

29. San Jose Sharks.  Faced a long March with no fans at three home games. (28)

30. Ottawa Senators.  Need lottery luck, whenever league decides to hold draw. (30)

31. Detroit Red Wings.  Don't need a break. Need the season to be over. (31)

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