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Letter: Trump’s ability to lead coronavirus fight is dubious

I am skeptical regarding how President Trump will have the United States prepared to at least minimize and slow the coronavirus here to prevent a lot of disruption.

My concern: To this president, everything is just a financial transaction. This could make this potential situation into a devastating disaster. Trump, like America at large, has a frightening mentality of doing everything on the cheap, robbing Peter to pay Paul, wielding the budget axe and cutting corners.

The Trump administration has for his entire presidency decimated many organizations with funding cuts weakening their ability to handle potential threats like the coronavirus. A Washington Post column stated Trump’s latest budget called for cuts to global health programs and a 53% cut to the World Health Organization.

There are times I really believe if Trump had his way, he would actually close down the United States as if you’re closing down a business for good. We can only hope the United States handles the coronavirus far better than its feeble response to Hurricane Katrina.

Marcus Costello


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