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Letter: Trump does not show good military leadership

Good military leadership requires an understanding of the culture in our armed forces, respecting proven norms and honoring the people in uniform for their sacrifice. President Trump has proven to be a poor leader and here are a few examples. Trump has:

• Disrespected the courageous war hero John McCain even after his passing. This distinguished U.S. Senator had the courage to express his thoughtful ideas even when his fellow party members could not find the gumption to break ranks.

• Diverted appropriated funds from the improvement of military installations to expand his medieval wall, mistaking a humanitarian crisis with a military threat to American freedom and values. We owe our military personnel better than this.

• Thrown Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman out of his White House post for doing his duty to submit to a subpoena by his government.

• Abused the presidential office by giving ill-prepared speeches every time he stands before our allies.

• Struggled with the words and is distracted during our national anthem as he publicly displayed at his Super Bowl party.

I would like to feel that our leader is compassionately representing our military on the world stage with a broad knowledge of current events and the thoughtful consideration of our allies.

Real leaders require a wider sampling of information than Fox News. They also require a collection of experienced leaders, military and otherwise, around them to help them see their blind spots and consider a point of view other than their own.

A leader such as this would inspire a true sense of patriotism rather than the nationalism people seem to be exhibiting today.

Joseph Meyers


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