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Letter: Parents of future leaders should follow Mister Rogers

Some parents embrace Mister Rogers as a role model for their children. Other mothers or fathers eschew Mister Rogers’ integrity, inclusiveness and positivity for a different type of role model.

For example, some parents choose a “role model” that teaches their child to always lie … pathologically. Some parents prefer a “role-model” that issues executive orders ridding the country of regulations that protect their own children from mercury or lead poisoning.

A “role-model” that instructs their child to steal and encourage businesses not to pay owed wages is sometimes applauded. And some mothers and fathers nod approvingly to a “role-model” that teaches their child to bully the weak, and mock the handicapped.

Unsurprisingly, a recent Washington Post review found “kids as young as six mimicking the president’s insults and the cruel way he delivers them.”

Perhaps some parents need Mister Rogers as a role model more than their children.

Terry Todoroff


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