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Letter: Calling on grandmothers to give nation stability

We are living in a time of massive crisis. Our politics is fractured by bitter divisions and corruption. Our health and lives are threatened by diseases that are expected to get much worse as the planet warms. The climate catastrophe looms over our future. Our social fabric is weak and shredding around the edges.

For many of us the stress is enormous. For some it is immobilizing. For some it draws out a flight-fight response from the reptilian brain. For some it calls forth a form of denial that says if we just keep doing business as usual it will blow over. Good decision making is critical, and yet extremely difficult. Such a crisis can draw out the worst in us or perhaps the best in us.

We need a connection to something much greater than ourselves that can take in a vision of the good society, the good of the planet, the good within each of us, and the wisdom of those who have walked the earth before us.

This is why we need the Grandmothers. In Native American culture, major decisions cannot be made without the blessing of the Council of Grandmothers. The Grandmothers make their decision based on a view of how that decision will affect the children seven generations from now.

We desperately need to call out the Grandmother spirit now.

Grandmother spirit is bubbling up even now, even here. We see Grandmothers speaking on behalf of the future and the earth in seeking to preserve public green spaces such as the Outer Harbor, in speaking for safe food and water, supporting clean energy; in supporting inclusion, compassion and justice for all people, not just “our” people; in seeking to build community and connectedness on all levels. We urgently need grandmothers to speak clearly and firmly and publicly in our community now.

Carol Marychild


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