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It seems to us: Dealing with coronavirus in the sky, on campus and from open Italian windows

If there’s a lighter side to novel coronavirus, it could have been found floating high in the air over Sydney, Australia, where, unlike the United States, testing is both free and widely available.

There, UPI reported, a skywriting pilot with a sense of humor and an eye on necessity scrawled out an airborne message for those below: Wash hands.

They’re handling it well at the Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Mass., too. UPI reports that students there, expecting not to have a formal commencement ceremony because of coronavirus concerns, held their own “fauxmencement,” complete with garbage bag gowns, paper caps and tassels of yarn.

“This is amazing that this is happening right now,” said Mark Somerville, Olin’s dean of faculty. “It is a testament to what Olin is as a community and it kind of makes me want to cry but I’m gonna not do that quite yet.”

Yay, Olin.

And in Italy, badly battered by COVID-19, residents have come up with a cheerful way of combating the lockdown blues: They’re singing about it, from their windows – in unison.

Call it the Coronavirus Choir.

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