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Letter: New York State is pushing solar on Cambria residents

As a member of the Cambria Against Industrial Solar group we are opposed to siting a huge industrial solar power plant amongst over 300 residential homes in the Town of Cambria.

Cambria is in Niagara County. Niagara County is currently looking at over 5,000 acres proposed for industrial solar projects. The current Article 10 process includes two ad hoc local residents on the siting board which Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s cronies have chosen not to appoint in most of the proposed solar projects in New York State.

If the board drags their feet for long enough, siting choices revert back to these Cuomo-appointed members with absolutely no local representation.

This negates any home rule or zoning laws of the town being sited. Cambria has Industrial zoned, shovel ready property that is suitable for this project, but Cypress Creek Renewables and New York State feels it would be better to site this project intertwined with our homes, some of which would be completely surrounded by 12-foot high solar panels.

The town, the county, the school district, all of the local fire companies and the residents are opposed to this project.

If New York was not subsidizing this project with upwards of $60 million it would never come to fruition.

Our taxes are being used to transform my chosen plot of land in the rural countryside to yet another Niagara County brownfield and I am not happy about it or how it is being rammed down our throats.

Justin Genter


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