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Letter: Bankruptcy worsens the pain felt by victims

The recent announcement by the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo that it has declared bankruptcy, while expected is still disheartening for the hundreds who have been victims of pedophiles parading as priests in the diocese.

It was reported in The Buffalo News that there may be upwards of 400 claims against the diocese when all is said in done. By declaring bankruptcy, the diocese has now turned these victims into mere creditors in a long line of other debts owed by the Buffalo diocese.

Clearly, even at this late stage the main concern of the church is protecting its resources rather than repairing the catastrophic damage done by the abuse and continued cover up.

By doing so the bishop and his administration has effectively halted discovery on behalf of these victims along with prolonging their efforts to achieve justice for the horrible crimes committed against them while the church protected these criminals for decades.

The bankruptcy declaration may continue to shield these predators and the true stories of abuse and the full extent of the systemic massive cover-up may never be known to us.

The bishop stated that this action of bankruptcy will help the church to continue its mission. One would remind this bishop that helping the victims of these criminal–priests is also part of that mission.

Gary Rog


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