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Letter: Trump is in the process of undoing America’s legacy

The Trump fans must be rejoicing that he was acquitted of impeachable crimes. According to Donald Trump, this was all a hoax.

The entire House inquiry and Senate trial was hampered by Trump, who forbade his staff from testifying, refused to release documents and phone calls related to the case and pressured Senate Republicans from allowing further witnesses. Seventy-five percent of Americans want to hear their testimony.

The logical question is “what does he have to hide?” He is known to be a liar; asylum seekers from the south are all criminals, climate change is a hoax, our soldiers who were attacked by Iranian missiles only suffered headaches when so far 100 were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, the war in Syria is over; abandoning our Kurdish allies, the press lies when especially they object to his policies or behavior – he has proven you cannot trust him. It is very probable that he lied about his attempt to bribe the Ukrainian government for personal gain.

Sen. Lamar Alexander said after the trial he was guilty of these crimes but voted to acquit because he did not want Trump removed from office.

The true patriot, and hero is Sen. Mitt Romney who voted to convict him of one of the Articles of Impeachment, a difficult decision for him, but one in which he followed his conscience and moral principles.

Trump and his followers condemned him as a traitor – no he was not; he was willing to take his abuse because following his conscience was more important than loyalty.

Our country is in danger with Trump, who attacks the press, democratic institutions such as the FBI and Department of Justice and instills fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism. The FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office.

Our Founding Fathers established a country founded on the rule of law with certain freedoms for all people. He is in the process of destroying this legacy which many brave men and women fought to preserve.

God Bless America.

Joseph Strychasz


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