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Letter: Democratic field winnowing reveals a much bigger plan

And then there were two. Actually, still three as Tulsi Gabbard, a woman with an actual brain and some really good ideas is still hanging on. Too bad she is a Democrat as she could really help the country. The other 17 candidates will see each other at the next meeting of the People Who Will Never Be President club.

The other two stars have had about 80 years of government between them and have not distinguished themselves yet. Joe Biden will tell you all the great things he has done and been responsible for, from creating the Earth in six days to the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. Bernie Sanders’ first task when becoming president will be to plant all of the trees the free stuff will grow on.

Liz Warren held on to the bitter end. I don’t believe the rumor that when she was a small child her parents bought her a puppy and then had to fill her pockets with bacon to get the puppy to play with her.

The country is not ready for a woman president. Not until Trump serves four more years, Don Jr. his eight and Eric his eight. Then we’ll be ready for Ivanka, the first woman president.

Imagine how wonderful our country will be by then.

Whitey Nichols


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