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Letter: Figuring out reusable bags really is not that difficult

In response to complaints about reusable bags, I ask readers to recall the furor over placing a deposit on carbonated drink containers so that the litter along the roadsides would decrease (it has).

The grocery industry predicted that there would be lines around the corner of people waiting to get their deposits back. When it became a reality, the industry and the customers adapted. New, automated machines where one can return bottles and cans, including glass beer bottles, came to the stores. It’s a rare day when the return area is packed. The only time I have to wait is when more than one person brings an industrial garbage bag full of smelly (Please rinse. Please. The smell) containers to return.

Now the squawking about reusable bags hurts my ears. I ask the cashier to pack my bags “light” so that I can carry them. It takes two seconds to speak the words. I wash my bags in the washing machine on delicate or casual in hot water. Stick them in the bathtub to dry. You can still have meat packed in a small white plastic bag to contain leaking.

The size, the size, the size. Every store I’ve been in sells bags. You can get nearly any size, and you can purchase them online at Amazon. I bought giant bags from a school fundraiser and they hold all the paper towels, toilet paper, crackers and cookies I could want, and they weigh less than the bag with the juice and the cans.

Calm down and figure it out. Think about the long game, what we leave after we’re gone.

Becky Arcese


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