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Letter: Sanders is determined to launch economy adrift

A man called the Rocketman “Mad” Mike Hughes attempted to prove that the world is flat by climbing into a crude makeshift rocket and launching himself into the air. The Rocket Man didn’t get very far, or high, before crashing back to earth. While he didn’t prove to himself that the world was flat, he did prove that the earth is hard and unforgiving.

Bernie Sanders, and all of his socialist followers, are just like the Rocket Man “Mad” Mike in that they are trying to prove to themselves that the world is economically flat. An economically flat world where everyone is standing on a level playing field that, by design, will automatically impart equality and impartiality.

Bernie Sanders is an “Economic Flat Earther” and is willing to launch the entire American economy into the air in his crude makeshift economic theory called socialism. Sadly, Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to test his flat earth economy using his own wealth so we’ll just have to refer to Bernie Sanders as ‘Mad Bernie’ the Pick-Pocket Man.

Matthew Powenski


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