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Letter: Resell Knox belongings back to this kind family

I just read the article about how Seymour Knox IV recently lost his family’s storage unit that contained a multitude of precious family belongings including pictures and the Buffalo Sabres expansion certificate.

Unfortunate circumstances as it may, the people in possession of his belongings, many of which are sentimental, must now be aware that it all once belonged to the Knox family and was lost unintentionally.

While technically, the belongings, including the Buffalo Sabres expansion certificate, belong to those who paid the highest bid, morally those belongings could be sold back to Knox for the same price paid allowing those belongings to once again be owned by the person it morally belongs to. Like finding a wallet on the street.

The Knox family has always been good and kind to Buffalo. It’s sad to read an article where Knox now finds his family’s Christmas pictures being sold on eBay for $9.99 apiece. All of Knox’s belongings, including the expansion certificate, could be sold back to Knox for the same price paid at no financial loss. It’s the right, and only moral thing to do.

Jennifer Patterson

Orchard Park

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