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Letter: Queen City Landing project should be built, then enjoyed

When I moved to Buffalo in 1996, the city was struggling to reverse the trend of young people moving away. Today, millennials are moving to and staying in our revitalized city. Buffalo is finally getting national attention not only as a place to visit, but one to live in.

Progress over the past 20 years is impressive. Thankfully, we didn’t let the negative critics stop it. We still have an enormous amount of potential.

On that note, it’s outrageous that we’ve allowed a small group of people with unrealistic arguments to slow down the Queen City Landing project. Migratory birds? With hundreds of miles of Lake Erie shoreline, one building is going to be in the birds’ way? How do they navigate around downtown buildings?

Storms? Our nation’s eastern, western, and southern coasts get stronger storms than Western New York. They’re lined with thousands of unaffected high-rise buildings.

Traffic? I lived in Waterfront Village for 18 years. The number of housing units there is 10 times what Queen City Landing will have. There is one access point. We had no traffic issues. Residents will be isolated? People have a choice of where to live. No one will be forced to live at Queen City Landing.

Many people like to be by the water. Housing in Waterfront Village/Inner Harbor is fully occupied. We’re fortunate to have waterfront property available. We’re more fortunate to have this project developed with private funding, yet to be enjoyed by the general public.

Queen City Landing should be celebrated. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars with delays and do what is right for our community. Build Queen City Landing.

Jeff Silver


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