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Letter: Keep wind turbines off of beautiful Lake Erie

Regarding stories protesting the proposed structure on the former Freezer Queen property, articles, opinion pieces and letters cite many concerns: “It’s ugly,” “heavy infrastructure costs,” “the construction will disturb toxins and destroy nature and quiet comfort.”

Another article states: “the trap of ignoring the intrinsic value of nature and the devaluing of natural landscapes.” Yet another speaks about 7- to 10-foot tide-like condition.” The title of the article is, “The shoreline belongs to the water, not to developer.”

I can only hope these folks are as passionate about the 50- to -200 industrial turbines proposed in Lake Erie from Lackawanna to Dunkirk. Our causes are parallel. These 460-foot monoliths will not only have the same outcomes but affect the birds and bats. Lake Erie is a major migration flyway. Lake Erie does not belong to developers.

It is not known if the structures will withstand our winters and the ice Lake Erie sometimes has. We do not know if they will withstand lightning nor if the lubrication will leak into our drinking water.

We do know it will affect boaters and fishermen who will have to traverse the turbines and stay within a safe distance. It will certainly change the habits of fish migration and spawning beds.

The Freezer Queen plan will replace a building with a building; the concrete platforms for the turbines will change our lake forever.

Contrary to the Sierra club, our “small but vocal group” (Buffalo News, Sept. 20, 2019) has grown to almost 2,000 people fighting for our Great Lake. It may be a battle of David versus Goliath, but we are strong and will work together to keep Lake Erie beautiful forever.

Sharen Trembath


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