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Letter: Trump could use refresher on branches of government

I am a retired teacher. For years I taught 10-year-old children about the three branches of the government of the United States. Our current president seems to need the lessons I taught those children.

The executive branch – his role – is to lead, not to bully. It is to enforce the laws, not to twist them to his liking. The legislative branch makes the laws in accordance with our Constitution.

Donald Trump appears to think he is still a CEO who can make his own rules. The third branch is the judicial branch. They interpret the laws and decide if they are legal according to the Constitution and previous judicial determinations.

The president doesn’t get to stamp his feet and tell the judges how to rule or who to charge with crimes.

If my fifth-grade students understood all of this, why is it so hard for Trump?

Lynn Alianello Diagostino


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