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Letter: Mayor, city officials ignore Elmwood Village residents

Mayor Byron W. Brown, Common Council members, the Zoning Board, the Planning Board and eager developers are slowly transforming the Elmwood Village from a state and national historic district into a modern streetscape of four to five mixed-use apartment buildings.

It all started with Ellicott Development’s four-story building at Elmwood and Delavan avenues. Next up is the Chason Affinity monster taking up half a city block at Elmwood and Forest. Number three is Sinatra Co. and Ellicott Development’s five-story building at Elmwood and Bryant. Number four is White Sands four-story building between Bird and Bidwell Parkway.

So far, to make for two of these projects, 15 100-year-old homes have been demolished. These homes are what contributed to the state and national historic districts. If this total disregard of the historic character of Elmwood Village continues, Elmwood will just become known as Elmwood Avenue, not Elmwood Village.

Why is it that the people’s wishes to keep the neighborhood historic and quaint are ignored, and the developers wishes to destroy are granted?

The people have gone to their council members, zoning board and planning board to express their concerns only to be ignored and see the various developers get what they want even if the proposed project goes against the newly enacted Green Code Laws.

Even when some projects are brought to the courts to fight this obvious disregard of the people’s wishes and the Green Code laws, the people still lose and the developers get their way.

If I didn’t know better, it appears the court system is also against the people.

James Runfola


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