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Letter: Amherst traffic cameras will keep motorists safe

Seems to me the Town of Amherst has an excellent Town Supervisor in Brian Kulpa. He’s ambitious, proactive and possesses a rare trait in today’s political circles called common sense.

His push for smart traffic signals by using existing high technology cameras for traffic flow and increased security is exactly what is needed. Unfortunately, the dust bunnies called the New York Civil Liberties Union come out from under the bed to claim privacy issues.

We live in a state that allows sanctuary protection. We have pending laws to allow recreational marijuana that’s only going to multiply driving-while-impaired infractions by staggering numbers and a legal system that’s become alarmingly liberal.

The majority of the population wants security and they’re not concerned with privacy that is aimed at nothing more than their families’ wellbeing.

I really wonder what the naysayers have to hide. Why would anyone deny the benefits of those cameras that will curb the possibility of harmful encounters to the citizens of our community.

Mark Neupert


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