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The mystery of the Buffalo connection to ABC's 'Single Parents' is solved

Alan Pergament

Inquiring minds want to know: Why are there so many Buffalo references in the ABC sitcom “Single Parents”?

Some Western New Yorkers became even more curious after a recent episode in which Angie D’Amato, the character played by Leighton Meester, wore a Buffalo shirt.

The Buffalo references often mean that someone on a show’s writing staff or associated with the program in another way is from Western New York.

But not this time. It has more to do with the character Douglas Fogerty played by Brad Garrett.

J.J. Philbin, the daughter of Regis Philbin who is co-creator and executive producer of “Single Parents,” gave this explanation to a publicist for the program:

“No one from the writing staff is from Buffalo – I do have a good friend from Notre Dame who grew up in Orchard Park, so I've visited a few times. It just seemed like the perfect place for Douglas Fogerty to have grown up. He's tough, so I feel like he braved some intense winters in his day. And it feels right in an indescribable character way that he's a huge Bills fan. We fantasize about someday going to his childhood home in Buffalo – who knows, maybe in season 3!”

Of course, that is if there is a season 3.

Glad to see WKBW-TV anchor Jeff Russo has returned to work after taking several weeks off to recover from surgery after breaking his ankle ice skating with his children.

There was another positive to Russo’s return.

He has to anchor sitting down, which briefly ended the foolishness of having all anchors standing up to deliver the news.

Some news consultant probably is behind the practice, which I suspect is supposed to make the anchors seem more energetic.

It really adds next to nothing to the newscast.

Russo wasn’t the only member of the media to return to work recently. WGR’s Paul Hamilton, who had been off for several weeks for an unspecified reason, returned last week to be part of the station’s coverage of the NHL trade deadline.

Bennett Graebner, the Buffalo native who is one of the executive producers of “The Bachelor,” took special interest in the story of emergency goalie David Ayres making eight saves for the Carolina Hurricanes in a victory over Toronto.

Graebner wrote a screenplay, “Zamboni Man,” more 20 years ago set in Buffalo that was very similar to what happened in real life.

He said his agent from 10 years ago and a producer he hasn’t talked to in a decade called him about the screenplay after the Ayres performance.

"Some heat on this all of a sudden," texted Graebner. "Hollywood is so weird."

Recommendation: Anyone interested in working at what appears to be the new Amazon warehouse in Grand Island should be advised to watch the recent Frontline documentary, “Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos.” The documentary is a fascinating, historical look at the considerable pluses and minuses about the impact the company has on the American economy and the privacy of Americans. It also includes interviews with disgruntled warehouse workers critical of how they were treated.

The move of the Variety Kids Telethon from WKBW-TV (Channel 7) to WGRZ-TV (Channel 2) and WBBZ-TV (Channel 67) led to a slight improvement in money raised. This year’s telethon received pledges of $1,055,222. The 2019 telethon total was $1,036,000.


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