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Letter: Try not to succumb to Trump hyperbole

A recent letter was so filled with inaccuracies singing the praises of President Trump that it bears response to illuminate readers with some semblance of logic.

The letter in question states we finally have a president who puts America first. Anyone who ascribes to the office of presidency puts America first, but isolationism has never been beneficial even less so with the current global economy and the need to address climate change on a worldwide basis.

Donald Trump is not some great philanthropist doing this difficult job for free. Waiving the $400,000 annual presidential salary while charging the American taxpayers an average $3.4 million for every trip to Mar-a-Lago (according to the U.S. government accountability office) is no bargain.

The stock market is reflective of a multitude of factors, not Trump’s personal management.

Deregulation regarding health, safety and environment will have detrimental results. America (and the world) will not exist as we know it if we do not seriously start addressing climate change.

On top of the health and human resource issues there will be devastating economic impact.

That brings me to the most outrageous statement in this gentleman’s letter: “Donald Trump supports right to life and the Second Amendment.”

What about the right to life for the students shot within their own classrooms or families attending their various church services or the innocent shoppers at an El Paso Walmart?

These people were not denied life by “murderous” immigrants. They were sacrificed on the altar of the NRA that promotes the right to purchase high powered military style weaponry that never existed at the time of the Second Amendment passage.

For our democracy to endure we must address the realities of our time and not succumb to one individual’s delusions of grandeur.

Helen Shoff

West Seneca

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