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Letter: Warren is the best choice for the Democratic Party

Despite big bucks and loud supporters, neither Michael Bloomberg, or Bernie Sanders can win the general election.

Bloomberg, and to a lesser extent Joe Biden, has a poor record on social justice concerns that will suppress critical voter turnout in minority communities.

Bernie Sanders has not been deeply vetted. He will be pummeled with negative opposition research in the general, and polling suggests that socialism – democratic or otherwise – remains a political third rail for most voters. He may have a progressive base but he will also bring out the conservative base.

Elizabeth Warren has the brains, heart and experience to govern, and is far and away the most electable candidate. She was bold on the Nevada debate stage, but all of her comments were fair and factually supported.

She is progressive enough to energize the Democratic base but practical enough to appeal to moderates. Moreover, she clearly has what it takes to go after and win against Donald Trump.

This is why I support Warren for president.

Jane Cameron


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