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Letter: Vote for McMurray to avoid ‘sandwich’ representation

I rarely, if ever, agree with anything Stefan Mychajliw says or does, but I found myself agreeing with my understanding of an inference he made about the president in Trump’s recent endorsement of Chris Jacobs for the 27th Congressional seat to replace Chris Collins.

Mychajliw was quoted as saying “No matter who the candidate was … Donald Trump would have endorsed me, Beth Parlato, Robert Ort or a ham sandwich.”

My reading of that infers that Trump is an idiot and dumb enough to endorse a ham sandwich or anyone with the brains of one. And if my inference is correct, I couldn’t agree with him more.

It also says so much about his feelings about the Trump voters of the 27th who, he must feel, do not have the brains to distinguish between a Republican candidate and a ham sandwich.

I would suggest that the voters of the 27th vote for Nate McMurray at the risk of being represented by any sandwich, be it ham, turkey, salami or any other luncheon meat.

Gerald Scott


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