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Letter: Trump keeps adding to list of fiction, broken promises

Lately, there have been letters in this column praising the president and lauding him for doing everything that he promised. Apparently, these people prefer falsehoods and fiction over the facts. Rather than keep his promises, the fact is that this president has been utterly consistent in breaking them.

He promised that he would lower prescription drug prices so much that “your head will spin.” The fact is that since he took office, there has been a huge spike in drug prices. The cost of more than 2,500 drugs increased by double digits. Meanwhile, he has opposed giving Medicare the authority to negotiate lower drug prices while drug companies are enjoying billions of dollars in tax breaks.

Trump promised to release a “phenomenal” health care plan, that would cover everyone. He has yet to produce one. Meanwhile, under this administration, attacks on the Affordable Care Act have actually left 7 million Americans uninsured.

He promised to release his tax returns. We’re still waiting.

He promised a trillion-dollar investment in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Again, we’re still waiting.

He said that he would not take a salary and he hasn’t. On the other hand, he spends at least 20% of his time golfing, which as of Oct. 2019, has cost taxpayers around $109 million.

He promised to eliminate the federal debt in eight years. The fact is that the national deficit has exploded to one trillion, shooting up after the 2017 tax cuts and is expected to stay high for the foreseeable future. Tax cut trickle-down effects have not materialized; business investment has actually declined.

Republican tax cuts have mainly benefitted the rich while the federal minimum wage remains at $7.25. The gap between the richest and the poorest U.S. households is now the largest it’s been in the past 50 years and that’s a depressing “fact,” indeed, for all of us.

Barbara Jezioro


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