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Letter: Do not close seminary; try alternative measures

Do not close seminary; try alternative measures

In my opinion, it is a sacrilege and an outrage to suggest closing Christ the King Seminary. It is a jewel in the crown of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. The magnificent Christ the King Seminary Chapel alone, would cost well over a million dollars to replicate, if it could even be possible, not to mention the newly renovated classroom buildings for the instruction of the seminarians, deacons and lay diaconate.

Surely, some solutions can be found with some serious consideration for possible alternatives, staff cutting measures, then salary reducing measures.

There are 132 acres of beautiful grounds, prime real estate, which could be partially sold off to a developer for condominiums or patio homes. All these measures are harsh, but not as sad as closing the seminary.

The seminary today educates 26 seminarians and 36 deacons and lay diaconate.

Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger and the Catholic community of Buffalo, if we allow the seminary to close, it would be tragedy for the entire community.

I appeal to the bishop and all the Catholics in the diocese, particularly the many astute business brains in our city, to consider various measures of obtaining sustainability for the seminary. Do not let this wonder be another loss in our great city.

There are many priests, seminarians and lay diaconate who have been educated at the seminary as well as others in the community, such as myself, and my late husband Jerry, who was a former board member, who have a great love for the Seminary and are willing to work toward maintaining its visibility.

Rather than closing the seminary, may I suggest a two- to five-year grace period, where the business community and the community at large could be involved to brainstorm possibilities for the viability of the seminary.

Barbara Castiglia

West Falls

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