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Letter: Stop pushing wind turbines in our lake and river areas

Recently our governor has called for wind turbines in many New York lakes and river areas. We see seemingly endless towers on our hillsides. Often, they’re not working. Often, the landowners who’ve agreed to have them on their property are disappointed and even angry at the disastrous destruction of trees and property. I see article after article reflecting the hazards, lack of effective use and downright dangerous situations created by these monstrous structures. And, on top of that, they are not pretty.

There may be lots of people who think it’s all working and worth it, but those directly affected don’t have that experience. I am on the side of experience. No turbines in our, or any, lake. The “what if’s” are too many. The “probably” is too risky.

Unless Gov. Andrew Cuomo has several installed at his home, we’re not interested.

Heidi Dizer


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