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Letter: Election cycle must get clear thinkers to the polls

I love New York! It has an awesome size sanctuary city.

But we do have great laws being passed. The Green Light law, bail reform, oh can’t forget the SAFE Act.

How long will it take for these well thought out “gems” to turn around and bite average New Yorkers in the behind? (Not long, it’s started already.).

This election cycle folks with clear minds and good perception of what is going on, please, vote against “that party” that wants to ruin our state and the United States.

Yeah, I know, I know if your so disgruntled about everything, why don’t you just move. Well, I’ve been a New Yorker all my life and I’m not doing it. My wife and I will hang in, vote the proper way, and hope things turn out OK. And, not just for New York, but for all these great United States.

Let’s not turn this great nation into the largest Third World country ever.

Let’s get Congress back in control of the party that will not pass hellish bills like the things called the New Way Forward Act. Don’t know what that is? Do some inquiring and find out. It should scare the dickens out of you.

Ed Brodbeck


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