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Know the Grant Street Bazaar's vendors, foods to try

Even though the Grant Street Bazaar is in its infancy, and its food-and-drink vendors are locked in on a month-to-month basis, there are a slew of hard-to-find cuisines available at the booths at 68 Grant St.

Where else can you find plant-based Sudanese food, an array of Somali options and, in warmer months, boba chai milkshakes?

The following list refers to the bazaar's booths found upon entry, beginning far left and rotating clockwise.

Robin's Kitchen

Operators: Robin Gabriel and Sholmeat Robin

Cuisine: Pakistani and Indian

Dishes to try: Butter chicken or chicken kofta.

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Tandoori chicken from Robin's Kitchen inside the Grant Street Bazaar. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)


Welcome 2 Thai Halal Food

Operator: Bilal Mohamed

Cuisine: Halal-friendly Thai.

Dishes to try: Vegetarian pad Thai, Thai fishcakes, papaya salad.

Pranon Wanwian, left, and her husband Bilal Mohamed from Thailand in the kitchen of their booth called Welcome 2 Thai Halal Food. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)



Operator: Omar Muflahi

Cuisine: Middle Eastern, New York City food-cart inspired.

Dish to try: Chopped chicken over rice, with extra white sauce.

Chopped chicken over rice, topped with hot sauce and a creamy white sauce, from Amilyah's in the Grant Street Bazaar. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)


West Side Grill

Operator: Abdul Alshawai

Cuisine: Standard American comfort food.

Dish to try: Chicken fingers. There might be a conservative eater in your group.


Mogadishu Somali Food

Operators: Saadia Saleh and Saleh Ali

Cuisine: Somali.

Dishes to try: Beef suqaar (means sauteed) over rice or injera.

Beef suqaar with rice from Mogadishu Somali Food. (Ben Tsujimoto/Buffalo News)


Garden of Eden

Operator: Elizabeth N. Festus

Cuisine: Plant-based Sudanese.

Dishes to try: Deep-fried veggie burger ($13.99), shakshuka (choice of eggs or tofu, $9.49).

A plant-based beef stew from Garden of Eden in the Grant Street Bazaar. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)


Taste of Sudan

Operator: Aniwang Berrie

Cuisine: South Sudanese.

Dishes to try: Asida (porridge-like grain with egg), ful, okra with meat stew.

Grant Street Bazaar-KIRKHAM-2020

Aniwang Berrie, from Sudan, holds a dinner of rice, meat, chicken sambusa and kasava leaves from the Taste of Sudan booth. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)


Ice Ice Baby (seasonal only)

Operators: Hussein Sala

Cuisine: Desserts – ice cream, milkshakes.

Dishes to try: Boba chai milkshake, honeycomb cream puffs.


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