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Letter: Treat trusted travelers with well-earned respect

My family and my wife’s family are, like many other families in Western New York, spread out over two nations.

We both have brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins that are Canadian citizens. For us the Canada border is an inconvenience on our way to attend weddings, celebrate birthdays, visit ill relatives in the hospital and, sometimes, mourn at funerals.

When the NEXUS card program began, we both immediately applied. We’re so pleased with the card that we’re both now on our third renewal. There’s an additional benefit to me, a frequent business traveler, as my NEXUS card admits me to the convenience of the TSA pre-approved security lines at airports.

Now the Trump administration wants to deny trusted traveler status to New Yorkers thereby denying us of the status we’ve responsibly exercised for over a decade. And there’s no reason for it.

Ostensibly the Department of Homeland Security claims New York’s Green Light law impedes their effectiveness because they are now unable to access driver’s license records. That is totally ridiculous.

There is no requirement that an applicant for a NEXUS card even have a driver’s license. This is sheer vindictiveness on the part of the Trump administration. My wife and I, our extended family, and ever so many solid citizens of both nations are its victims.

I have a simple solution. I’m perfectly happy to waive the restrictions on sharing my driver’s license information. I’ve been licensed driver in New York for a lot of years and frankly I don’t care who knows it. I’ve complied with the rules. I’m the same person who has qualified as a trusted traveler for as long as it’s been possible. I and all those like me don’t deserve this treatment.

Jack Dumpert


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