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Letter: Trump is getting nation back on the right track

After reading many of the deranged accusations made toward our president in Everybody’s Column, I must question the common sense of many of these writers, where it seems none exist.

A recent submission titled, “Trump supporters baffles this reader on many levels,” is a prime example. Every recent program advanced by our duly elected president has enriched our country, on levels not seen in years or ever in our history.

I would like to personally ask the writer and her cohorts what exactly would they like?

Would they like us to go back to the (Barack) Obama years which was taking our country down the path of socialism, where the order of things was no jobs and a diminishing economy, with the shipping of our jobs to Third World countries?

Would they like us to go back to supporting our enemies with billions of dollars together with our humble apologies?

Would they like us to go back to the diminishing of our ability to defend ourselves, the insertion of racism into every discussion, the disregard for human life with abortion nonsense at any point, even after pregnancy?

Would they like us to go back to the destroying of our civil rights where opinions opposite to theirs where scoffed at and physically challenged, and law enforcement mocked, where the belief in God was challenged?

The constant lying which can easily be proven and the false claim by them that they were righteous beyond belief. On and on. In my opinion, it is truly sad and unfortunate that, “Trump Derangement Syndrome” really does exist with so many writers in this column, who must think fantasy is the new reality.

Norman Machynski


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