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Letter: Cuomo botches budget despite a robust economy

It’s time for a change in Albany.

If New York’s ongoing poor fiscal performance isn’t enough to wake the masses, the governor’s recent budget proposal should do it.

In the midst of generally healthy economy, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo suggests that the taxpayers of New York should accept a $6.2 billion deficit.

Let’s put it another way: You own a business and profits have been great but you still can’t seem to make ends meet. In the real world, you’d have a plan for recovery or you’d be fired for incompetence. In Cuomo’s world, the plan is to increase taxes, increase costs on business while masquerading it as a “partnership,” and shift the remaining burden to local towns who have no choice but to raise taxes (again) at the local level. That’s just poor performance any way you spin it.

We’ve had enough of the crafty politics.

Our schools are broken; Medicaid, corruption, and waste is out of control; roads and bridges are decaying faster than cold patch can fix them; productive businesses and population are both declining, all while Albany celebrates the elimination of plastic bags from grocery stores.

New Yorkers need to demand better. If Cuomo and his administration can’t make hay while the sun is shining, we’re all going to be very hungry when the clouds come.

Eric Glassman


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