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Letter: Iowa’s problems mark the beginning

It may not be related yet but the unexpected issues with the Iowa caucuses make you think about our 2020 presidential election and all our future elections.

Are our vital voting systems secure? If the future trend is going to be voting by phone and internet, as I suspect it will, how can we trust our sacred voting system when our government, Veterans Affairs, Pentagon and two major credit agencies have already been hacked as well as many other entities?

Guessing most of our country’s Boards of Election are staffed by political hacks or friends and family so this ultra-important issue is a cause for concern for me.

We have also had reports of voting irregularities in several states. So, alleged Vladimir Putin interference aside, are we certain our voting systems are protected?

And by the way; does anyone remember the unfounded disasters that our computer tech world predicted for Y2K? Can the tech world be trusted with the sanctity of our vote?

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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