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Letter: City should remove Main Street medians

The medians on Main Street are an accident ready to happen. Someone is going to be seriously injured, although by the look of things that has already occurred. Is the city waiting for a fatality before they remove those unnecessary obstacles?

I challenge officials to drive that stretch some night when it is raining. Even those medians with caution signs still in place are difficult to see. Those many whose signs are bent or missing, forget it.

The so-called reflector strips don’t reflect anything except their uselessness and the city’s uncaring attitude for citizen safety. You can’t see those medians at night until the last minute, even when you are looking for them. I pity those many students and visitors from out of town unfamiliar with the dangerous result of our idealistic “traffic calming” experts.

The hardly visible road striping makes it tricky to safely follow frequent lane shifts to provide intermittent parking deemed necessary along that stretch. As if that weren’t hazardous enough, consider those drivers, who in looking to make a left turn, are suddenly confronted with a solid concrete blockade right there in the middle of the road.

Get rid of them!

Michael J. Zobel, Jr.


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