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Hoax phone calls to Niagara County residents may have come from pro pranksters

A couple of weeks back, we reported on several Lockport residents who received fraudulent phone calls from a person claiming to be a Niagara County official who informed them that they had been chosen to host voting machines in their driveways.

The county Board of Elections turned the case over to the Sheriff's Office, which soon determined the numbers that came up on the caller ID screens of the recipients were fake and untraceable.

But soon, the Board of Elections received an email that blew the caller's cover. The email said recordings of the calls were perpetrated by a website called "Another Prank Call Show."

Sure enough, the site's Jan. 21 offering, a 98-minute show, includes four calls that purport to be from county official "Winston Beauregard," informing the people on the other end of the phone that their driveways had been chosen as polling places.

The name of the county was bleeped out, but the calls fit the reported pattern.

One resident who demanded to talk to Winston's boss was connected to "Mr. Biggs," which seemed to be the same guy doing a voice that sounded like a pirate.

The calls were interspersed among other prank calls reporting that Winston had been sunbathing on the recipient's roof or had pointed a powerful X-ray machine at their homes, ruining all their food.

"Winston" told one angry resident: "Don't call the police and waste their time."



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