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Letter: Watson should be thanked for defending gun rights

The Another Voice piece in the Jan. 28 Buffalo News castigates News columnist Rod Watson for his recent tongue-in-cheek column criticizing gun control policies and anti-gun mentalities in New York State.

In their essay, the writers stand against guns in homes and schools, at one point stating that advocating for more firearms in schools is “against all common sense.” The writers apparently missed the recent self-defense shooting in the Texas church where an armed citizen took quick action and saved lives.

The world has long since ceased to be the place the gun-control crowd thinks it is or wishes it was. It is a place where those who would do them harm have armed themselves in violation of gun control laws already in place. The criminal element will not obey them. They do not respect the demonstrations attended, the posters waved, the yard signs planted, and the gun control columns written.

They instead see them as weakness; an unmistakable signal that society won’t defend itself and will instead plead with the political apparatus to do it for them. It is catnip to them and their evil intentions. They derisively chuckle at such naivete.

Watson’s column was trying to safeguard the self-protection rights of all New York State residents. He departs from his usual adherence to liberal orthodoxy on this issue and should be commended for it. People like him and the Texas church hero are each, in their own way, also protecting lives. No need to thank them, just don’t advocate policies that make it more difficult.

Gary Brignone


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