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Letter: Christ the King Seminary’s closing raises several issues

With Christ the King Seminary being closed due to fewer novitiates and deficits from Diocesan sex abuse lawsuits, it’s time to make assessments and gain perspective on these tragic issues. The Catholic and Protestant churches played crucial roles in establishing today’s civilization despite the scandalous class structured abuses during the European feudal reformation era, as well.

These institutions have supplied essential aid, education and support for the poor, infirm and oppressed during troubled times throughout the ages and are essential today.

The rogues’ gallery of alleged local sex offending priests recently presented by The Buffalo News offers a picture totally opposite from my experience as a former parochial grade and high school student and parishioner.

There is a caveat. Today’s times are a crucial factor in focusing, magnifying and amplifying prejudgment and condemnation from decades-old unproven allegations where purported suspects are deceased, and witnesses are absent or dead. The statute of limitations is recently totally lifted in New York State for only these offenses, except murder.

Sexual abuse should never happen in religions or the Boy Scouts, but this is a far from perfect world. Abuses are always a possibility that gets cloaked and covered up by every entity and organization administered by human beings. Parents especially must be vigilant and responsive.

If we abandon these necessary standard-setting institutions our ethically, morally challenged governor is willing to supplant them as our pontiff in matters of faith, morals, marriage, gambling, pot, no bail and violating federal immigration law. He even wants a voice in the public school curriculum.

Does everything go? To think as a child, friends called me the devil’s helper!

Louis Boehm

Orchard Park

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