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This time, NBC's 'Today' only slightly exaggerates Buffalo's snow problem

Alan Pergament

NBC’s “Today” made it to Buffalo again Friday morning to document the snow in Western New York.

At least this time there was snow.

You may remember the last time NBC’s popular morning show sent a reporter to Buffalo to illustrate the snow happening nationally in early November, Ron Mott didn’t have any snow to speak of in downtown Buffalo.

This time, reporter Kathy Park was here and only slightly exaggerated what was happening in Western New York.

“This is a second round of winter weather,” said Park at the top of the program as the snow came down. “They got a good dose of it early this week.”

I wish she had defined what is considered a “good dose” of snow. Perhaps she meant the 2 to 4 inches that came Thursday.

'Today' on NBC gets even more flaky covering Buffalo weather

To many Western New Yorkers, that felt like a small dose.

In her report, Park held up a solid piece of ice and accurately said that was the “real danger.” Then she focused on all the weather problems in New England, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina before bringing it back to Buffalo.

She said the snow here was expected to “intensify” later and “we are looking at up to five inches.”

OMG. Five inches!

It would have been nice if Park – who is an excellent reporter – had mentioned that 5 inches of snow isn’t exactly big news in Buffalo.

Even better, she could have noted how little of the white stuff has landed in Buffalo this winter.

There has been so little of it that you wonder if that made it easier for some superintendents to close school today because there haven't been any snow days.

Perhaps the lack of snow here will be discussed the next time “Today” comes to Buffalo. Because we all know there will be a next time for Buffalo to be the go-to place for “Today” to illustrate a national weather problem.


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