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Letter: Where to go from here is now up to the public

We engaged in the third impeachment of an American president in the history of our nation. Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress, along with many other offenses. For 12 years I have watched the desolation of the Republic, from the disrespect and dishonor shown to Barack Obama to the disrespect and dishonor pitifully delivered to the presidency by Donald J. Trump. This president has disrespected the Constitution and American flag, with cheers and adulation coming from the stands of his political and social acolytes.

I have, as a young man, seen this day coming, ever since my college professor told me back in 1973 that the country would undergo demographic changes. To what extremes would dominant people in power go to maintain the status quo?

We now know that answer. When a significant portion of a society stop believing in factual information, stop believing in what they hear and see and basically disavowing their own cognitive abilities. That society declines in its ability to sustain a democracy.

Basically, when we look at history, all nations that fall into war, genocide, despots and social upheaval, initialize themselves in the same manner as what we are now experiencing. We defend the indefensible. As the philosopher Spinoza once stated: The consequence of violence against the mind is that base men gain power. Politics does matter in this equation.

We have a major political party that has usurped the levers of government. Will they “regain” their sense of constitutionality, “honor” and duty to country. This is a turning point, we have scraped the bottom of the barrel. Which way we go is up to us.

I propose some intense soul searching and even more intense honesty with oneself. Don’t react. Think.

Larry Salley


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